R&D and engineering

Our Fiber Optic Cable R&D team

There are 28  people in our  Fiber Optic Cable R&D department.
The company gathers a group of experienced scholars and specialists in optical cable industry.Our R&D team  master a complete and mature set of technologies on optical cable, especially possess quite powerful R&D ability on indoor optical cable. They took part in drafting the national standards  of  indoor optical cable and also engaged in  researching and developing world-leading new cables.



In 2009, Shijia was invited to attend and chair the communication industry of the People's Republic of China "indoor optical cable series" standard drafting and formulating.




R & D results

Now we have researched and developed more than 10 series,100 specifications products independently, which are widely used in communication field both at home and abroad.


Such as:

● 900 μm tight buffered fiber

● 48-core breakout cable

● Cable used in 3G/4G BTS





Our duplex breakout cable designed for 3G/4G BS was also a technical breakthrough. As we mentioned before, this cable has covered 50%  of  the Chinese 3G/4G market.



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