Carrier G.654E fiber application advancement acceleration related collection or follow-up

Date: 2018-10-17
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With the development of technologies such as cloud computing, big data, 5G, VR, and the emergence of high-definition and ultra-high-definition services such as big video and 4k/8K, the traffic has exploded and the optical network will enter the era of super 100G. From 40G to 100G, to the future-oriented 400G, 1T and other higher speed WDM, the system signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) and fiber transmission performance (FOM) requirements are higher, while G.654E ultra-low loss large effective area fiber is expected In the era of super 100G, we are welcoming commercial scale.

Based on the excellent transmission performance of G.654E fiber and its future development needs, the three major operators are actively promoting the application of G.654E fiber. In the process, China Unicom has played the role of the vanguard, and is ready to open the G.654E fiber collection.

In recent years, China Unicom has continued to exert its strength in the promotion and application of G.654E fiber. In order to verify the performance and environmental adaptability of the new fiber optic cable of G.654E, and meet the construction needs of ultra-high-speed, ultra-large-capacity and ultra-long-haul optical transmission networks such as 400G and even 1T in the future, China Unicom has launched the new fiber optic cable of G.654E. The network test, launched the "Jinan-Qingdao section optical cable", "Hami-Bali Kun section optical cable" two test projects, and have successfully completed the acceptance. In addition, China Unicom also actively called on the industry to pay attention to G.654E fiber and submitted several proposals to promote the completion of ITU G.654 fiber standard. At the same time, China Unicom's G.654E fiber technology was launched shortly before the test, and decided to open the tender procurement of G.654E fiber optic cable during the year.

China Mobile also showed strong interest in G.654E fiber, and continuously tested the performance and overall cost of G.654 fiber. It was concluded from a large number of experiments that the introduction of G.654 ultra-low loss fiber can not only improve transmission. Performance can reduce the total system cost by 20%. Not long ago, China Mobile also completed the first domestic single-carrier 400G OTN equipment test, which verified the transmission performance of single-carrier 400G in the new fiber scene. It can be seen from this that China Mobile also pays great attention to the application and development of G.654E fiber in the era of 100G.

China Telecom has fully requested fiber attenuation to reach or close to the LL level when bidding for the G.652D fiber optic backbone. At the same time, it also puts forward certain requirements in increasing the effective area. At the same time, China Telecom is also very optimistic about the development prospects of G.654E fiber. It is considered that the use of 400G in the backbone network is an inevitable choice. Bearing 400G, G.654E fiber is indispensable, and the industry should actively promote related applications and trials.

As the basis for the continuous upgrade and expansion of the telecom network to 400G, G.654E fiber is capturing the favor of operators with strong "charm". At present, fiber optic cable companies represented by Changfei, Hengtong, Bonfire, Corning, Prysmian, and Sumitomo are actively developing G.654E fiber. With the launch of China Unicom's G.654E fiber-optic collection during the year, China Mobile and China Telecom are also expected to follow up.


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