Huang Yuhong, Vice President of China Mobile Research Institute: 5G development still faces three ma

Huang Yuhong, Vice President of China Mobile Research Institute: 5G development still faces three ma


As 5G approaches, the industry chain is boiling. The data shows that as of 2030, the direct output and indirect output driven by 5G will reach 6.3 trillion yuan and 10.6 trillion yuan respectively. Driven by huge interests, especially since 3GPP frozen the 5G SA independent networking standard in June this year, forming the first truly complete 5G standard in history, domestic equipment manufacturers to operators and terminal operators are all gearing up. The business is full of energy.

However, in the context of the industry's ready to go, 5G commercial landing is not as smooth as it seems. At the first China Radio Conference held on September 18, Huang Yuhong, vice president of China Mobile Research Institute, said that 5G development still faces three major challenges.

First, 5G requires huge investment. Huang Yuhong pointed out that whether it is the construction of 5G network or the cost of operation and maintenance, it is difficult to support the traditional model. Therefore, if you want to develop 5G for a long time, from policy makers and operators to terminal manufacturers, you must be prepared for high investment.

Second, 5G flexible operation requirements are high. The flexible configuration of network elements, the complexity of the 5G management and operation system, and the rapid and changeable business are the distinguishing features of 5G. Huang Yuhong emphasized that operators must improve their 5G operation level in order to promote the popularization of 5G.

Third, the cross-industry integration threshold is high. 5G's high bandwidth, large traffic, and low latency bring the technical foundation to the Internet of Things. Medical, industrial, educational, agricultural, education, transportation, finance, entertainment, and energy will be combined in a huge amount. This is bound to bring impetus to the development of 5G, and it will also bring great pressure.

Therefore, Huang Yuhong said that 5G has a large and robust end-to-end industry chain and service chain, providing service-based flexible network and slicing capabilities, and business deployment is more flexible, economical, secure, and reliable, while satisfying the customization of public and vertical industries. Demand, in order to build a quality 5G network. In view of this, China Mobile has taken the lead in setting up the O-RAN industry alliance, leading the SBA architecture, and researching the ITU's unlimited capabilities for smart hospitals, in an effort to create a new generation of 5G networks with open industries, architecture, results and capabilities.

In particular, in terms of the Internet of Things, Huang Yuhong disclosed that China's Internet of Things has more than 380 million connections, and 5G will bring an extremely broad market. The calculation shows that in addition to the operator's income, 5G will realize 1.2 trillion yuan of indirect income when it is fully commercialized for the first time in 2020. It will reach 2.3 trillion yuan in 2021 and will rise to 4 trillion yuan in 2022. For the future development of the digital economy, 5G will become an important foundation. Huang Yuhong said that China Mobile has not only established a 5G joint innovation center, but also built 14 open laboratories across the country and is preparing to launch a 5G venture fund to support 5G innovation and entrepreneurship.

Recently, Chen Xiaoxiong, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said at the World Telecommunication Exhibition that China attaches great importance to the development of 5G, supports enterprises and industrial organizations to carry out international exchanges and cooperation, and actively participates in the formulation of global 5G standards. At present, Huawei and ZTE and other equipment manufacturers and operators' 5G testing are progressing smoothly. The three major operators are also accelerating the deployment of 5G pilots in major cities, while domestic mobile phone manufacturers Xiaomi, OPPO, and vivo have also announced that they will launch 5G mobile phones. Everything is foretelling, 5G commercial is not far off.


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